Terms and conditions 2018

Recruit and Hire Interns

1. After three placement for free, the administration fee 120€ may be applied when the internship agreement /or working contract is be signed between Intern and the Company.  Full payment to EGE is expected within 15 days of issuing the invoice.

2. The three parties’ internship agreement will be signed between: Intern-The Company-Intern’s School or the two parties’ internship agreement will be signed between: Intern – The Company which will be determined the rights & responsibilities of these parties. v

3. EGE cannot be held responsible for the behavior and attitude of The Company or interns during the internship. 

4. The Company is expected to treat the intern in the same manner as with its other employees (not including permanent staff's legal & statutory rights).

5. A mentor and/or supervisor should be appointed for the duration of placement to help the intern fully engage with their job and related work tasks as successfully as possible. Regular monitoring should take place and the set tasks adjusted to suit the interns ability when needed/if necessary (experience, language skills etc). All tasks and related work projects should be as clearly explained to the student as possible.

6. The Company should initiate intern training and induction to all its relevant Company policies, rules, rights and obligations, along with suitable health and safety policy induction and guidance.

7. The Company should inform the intern and intern’s school of their working hours and days, which may be altered from time to time, within reason, to suit the requirements of the Company. Maximum working hours should not exceed 35-40 hours per week.

8. The Company should issue a letter or certificate at the end of the interns stay, confirming the interns work placement and giving a summary of details of their performance to EGE.

9. An intern should carry out set tasks to the best of his or her ability. Their performance may be regularly considered insufficient or below the standard event the Company makes any useful advices to them, in this event the Company must contact intern’s school to discuss possible options and useful ways forward before making any decision about termination of the agreement. 

10. It is at the Company’s discretion to approve holiday and other special leave if any, requested by the intern. 

11. It is at the Company’s discretion to pay for the interns travel, lunch or any other expenses and they should notify EGE of this intent before the intern starts or if it ceases.

12. At the end of the stated period of internship the Company may if they wish offer a paid or permanent job to an intern at which time this agreement and all obligations contained within it will cease.

13. The Company must inform Intern of any major changes to the interns planned job description either in advance before arrival or during the internship, if they are made.

14. The Company must inform intern’s university of any major changes to the status of the Company or the interns planned job description in advance. These include a location change, office restructuring or expected insolvency.

15. EGE will represent the above terms as agreement on behalf of the Company for the student intern.