From the country’s sprawling coastlines in the east and south to the magnificent mountains and deserts of the north and west, China is home to a huge diversity of peoples, cultures, and landscapes which merit a lifetime of exploration. One of the world’s oldest and greatest civilizations, China is an increasingly important player in the global affairs of our modern era, to the point where many predict it will overtake the United States as the world’s most influential superpower.


For a few decades now, China has led the field of fastest growing economies in the world, and the country continues to diversify in new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Some of the most popular sectors in which to intern abroad in China include business, international trade, architecture, technology, and development, in all of which you can contribute to the country’s dynamic economy, while gaining valuable professional experience in a competitive global setting.


Needless to say, choosing to intern abroad in China is an invaluable opportunity to develop a strong professional relationship with this vastly important nation. Even more than this, it is also the chance to explore a culture, language, and history which is infinitely deep and complex, and will keep you forever intrigued to learn more. The foreigners speaking fluent Chinese are extremely competitive on the international labor markets.

Your first decision will be where to begin with an internship in China. Beijing, which has been the country’s capital in one form or another for several centuries, is the first choice for many where to seek out an internship in China for obvious reasons. Shanghai, the country’s largest city and modern economic command center, has developed into an equally enticing destination for many international interns as well.

Other cities where you might pursue internships abroad in China include Quingdao, Guangzhou, and Xi’an. 

It is thus important that you commit to research in the matter, to decide on which feels like the best fit for your personal and professional aspirations.