Vietnam offers interns something that few countries can: an experience that walks the line between corporate office work and backpacking adventure, this country is one of the most scenic and historically diverse countries in Southeast Asia,


From Halong Bay to Hanoi, Vietnam features a host of internship opportunities with adventures into the countryside always only a short bus or train ride away. In addition to the crazy amount of places to visit and venture to, Vietnamese cuisine is to die for.

Vietnam' economy is growing, mostly driven by tourism, export, telecommunication, and new technology. For instance, the biggest brands like Accord, Nokia or Samsung have already invested in Vietnam by creating there their production lines.


About the language barrier, you do not need to worry: the majority of the people you encounter in your work place speak English and the Vietnamese are known for their strong interpersonal communication skills. In addition, Vietnam promotes an open policy towards foreigners in order to boost their economy. After completing your internship you will definitely find a job that matches your degree, personality and skills if you want to work in Asia.


If you’re looking for an internship experience that will be both valuable on your resume & a check off your bucket list,internships in Vietnam are perfect for you!