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Skema - DBA in Project & Programme Management

  • Program: DBA in Project & Programme Management

  • Type of Program: Doctorate in Business Administration

  • Years of study: 3 years

  • Teaching language: 100% in English

  • Location of Campus: Lille (France)


Entry requirements:

  • Review of your academic files : Yes

  • Selection/Admission Interview: N/C

  • Lingusitic Test : Yes

  • Entry-Exam (Concours): No

Official admission links : Click here

  • Tuition fees: 29 000€

  • Application fees: N/C

  • Scholarships: No

  • Other Financial Aids : No



​The DBA in Project & Programme Management is divided into two parts and can be studied over a minimum of six semesters (three years)

Part 1 

The aim of Part 1 is to write and agree your research proposal as a basis for progressing to Part 2. 

DBA - Courses

During Part 1, students are required to attend the six courses listed below:

  • Thesis Management - Writing for Success

  • Classic Grounded Theory (online)

  • Qualitative and Mixed Research Methods or Qualitative Research Methods (online)

  • Quantitative Research Methods

  • Case Study Research

  • Research and Project Management (online)

DBA - Assessed elements

In Part 1 there are five compulsory elements of work: 

  • A critique of a DBA thesis in a topic area similar to the one you wish to study

  • A critique of a DBA thesis using a methodology similar to the one you propose

  • A working paper summarising the findings from your preliminary literature search

  • Your research proposal

  • The defence of your research proposal before a jury

In order to be able to progress to Part 2, you must score a weighted average score of 60% on the five assessed elements of work.

DBA - Mentoring workshops and doctoral seminar

Regular mentoring workshops are held, to help with the preparation of your research proposal. It is compulsory to attend at least once to defend your research proposal. Doctoral SeminarEvery August there is a doctoral seminar, which aims to give an overview of current research topics in Project Management. You are encouraged to attend the seminar every year, but it is compulsory to attend at least once.


The duration for Part 1 is three semesters (four semesters maximum).

Part 2 

The aim of Part 2 is to gather and analyse your data, write your thesis and defend it before a jury.


There are two outputs for Part 2:

  • To write your thesis

  • To successfully defend your thesis before a jury

You must present a paper at an approved peer reviewed research conference before you submit your thesis.

Mentoring workshops

You are invited to attend a mentoring workshop as a practice defence.

Doctoral Seminar

You are invited to continue to attend the doctoral seminars in August.


The maximum duration for Part 2 is four semesters, giving for the whole programme a maximum duration of four years (eight semesters) and a minimum of three years (six semesters).​ 

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Remarks : Please note that all informations on this page is only approximative informations, it may be changed at any moment according the policies of school. All official informations are communicated on the website of school or contact us rh@ege-france.com for more details.


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