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Skema - KTO PhD in Management

  • Program: KTO (Knowledge Technology & Organisation) PhD in Management

  • Type of Program: PhD

  • Years of study: 4 years

  • Teaching language: 100% in English

  • Location of Campus: Sophia-Antipolis (France)


Entry requirements:

  • Review of your academic files : Yes

  • Selection/Admission Interview: Yes

  • Lingusitic Test : Yes

  • Entry-Exam (Concours): No

Official admission links : Click here

  • Tuition fees: 5 000€ per year (*)

  • Application fees: Yes (*)

  • Scholarships: More infos

  • Other Financial Aids : Crous.

(*) it may be changed according to your profile & study project. Contact us for more information !



First year

In their first year, students attend basic courses on methods, fundamentals and the research proposal. Below, we report the complete list of courses offered in the first year.

Methods: Research Methods Statistics Econometrics Qualitative methods

Fundamentals: Microeconomics Organization and organizing Strategy Knowledge base and innovation Theories of the firm Knowledge management, innovation and learning

Research proposal: Writing a research proposal Final research proposal

Seminars & workshops

Second Year

Admission to the second year

To move to the second year, students must:

  1. obtain at least a grade of C in all courses of the methods section,

  2. obtain at least a grade of B in each course of the fundamentals section,

  3. apply and obtain a scholarship for the second, third and fourth years of the PhD programme.

If the requirements for the completion of the first year are not met or students are not awarded a scholarship, a Master of Research in Management and Innovation is awarded as long as the student obtains at least a grade of C in all courses.

In the second year, students should attend advanced courses, offered either at SKEMA Business School or at other partner institutions. Moreover, students will defend their research proposal in front of the scientific committee.

Third and fourth years

The third and fourth years are dedicated to the writing of the dissertation. Students are encouraged to spend several months in a partner university. They are also expected to present their research works at academic conferences.

Seminars & workshops

Students are expected to participate to:

  1. KTO seminar series, where both KTO faculty members and invited speakers present their working papers,

  2. doctoral seminar series, where PhD students are invited to present their working papers. 

During the course of the programme, students are invited to attend events such as teaching seminars and publication workshops. Attendance at seminars and workshops is compulsory.

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Remarks : Please note that all informations on this page is only approximative informations, it may be changed at any moment according the policies of school. All official informations are communicated on the website of school or contact us rh@ege-france.com for more details.


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