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Katharina-san - Internship in Japan

Germany Student - 2015

Hello, my name is Katharina. I did an internship at the Japanese import company. I have been working there for seven weeks from May 18th to June 28th.

As an intern, at my work, I had three main tasks. The first was, helping to organize the company events, talking to people and giving information to them. The second task was the translation of Facebook posts and blogs from Japanese to English as well as her native tongue, German. The third main task is to research the economic situation in Fukuoka and other cities.

There is one Japanese staff in the company and she usually communicates with me in Japanese to improve my language skills.

I have learned much about the Japanese work environment and what is important when working in Japan. I have also gotten the chance to see insides about event management, and sometimes I helped to organize events. This experience will help me to work at any companies in the future.

My advice for next internship students is “Don’t be afraid to ask!” there are varied assignments and a good working environment, they try to give you assignments based on your skill level, be it your language skills or otherwise.

The time flies so fast and I cannot believe that my internship is already over. I really would love to find a job which can be put my internship experience to work.