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Skema - MSc International Strategy and Influence

  • Program: MSc International Strategy and Influence

  • Type of Program: Postgraduate programmes

  • Years of study: 1 or 2 years

  • Teaching language: 100% in English

  • Location of Campus: Paris (France)


Entry requirements:

  • Review of your academic files : Yes

  • Selection/Admission Interview: Yes

  • Lingusitic Test : Yes

  • Entry-Exam (Concours): No

Official admission links : Click here

  • Tuition fees: from16 900€ (*)

  • Application fees: Yes (*)

  • Scholarships: More infos

  • Other Financial Aids : Crous.

(*) it may be changed according to your profile & study project. Contact us for more information !



Semester 1

Mandatory courses

  • Competitive Intelligence, 4 credits The different cultural and contextual approaches and methods of competitive intelligence in firms and states

  • Knowledge Management, 4 credits  Knowledge Management as a new step in the management development in the Knowledge Economy 

  • International Strategy Business Game, 3 credits  Understand the multi-faceted dimensions of global strategy.

  • Critical Thinking and Methods, 3 credits  Business game to understand the multi-faceted dimensions of global strategy.

  • Strategy & Business Models, 3 credits  Exploring business models from a strategic perspective.

  • Organisation Dynamics, 3 credits  The challenges of monitoring and dissemination of strategic information according to organizational configurations and dynamics.

  • Consulting Project (1): Contracting, 3 credits  Business development, negotiation and contracting phases of a real consulting mission.

  Electives (three choices among four)

  • Multicultural Management, 2 credits  The impact of culture in shaping different cultural mindsets and attitudes, and how these influence strategic business and corporate organisation. 

  • Corporate Strategy & Governance, 2 credits  The role of shareholders and the board of directors in strategic decisions, management performance and company’s growth.

  • Preparing for Consulting Jobs 1, 2 credits The skills and attitudes to be a consultant and develop in the job.

  • Géostratégie (in French), 2 credits The role of competitive intelligence and influence in the development of a firm’s strategy in the context of international business.

  • Employability and Career, 1 credit

TOTAL SEMESTER 1, 30 credits

Semester 2

Mandatory courses

  • Strategies for Growth, 3 credits  Advanced knowledge on growth strategy formulation and evaluation.

  • International Merger & Acquisition, 2 credits The strategic and financial dimensions of international M&A.

  • Strategic Management of Innovation, 3 creditsInnovation management from a strategic perspective, considering that innovation is an essential means for a firm to achieve strategic goals.

  • Influence and International Negotiation, 3 credits  How to organise, in the workplace and at the State level, an influence strategy or operation to protect the competitiveness of the organisation.

  • Social Network Analysis, 3 credits Social networking as a strategic management practice for knowledge sharing and influence.

  • Knowledge & Data Analysis, 2 credits Methodologies for collecting, processing and analysing data and to transform it into strategic knowledge.

  • Consulting project (2): Delivering, 3 credits​ Data collection, analysis and delivering phases of the consulting mission initiated in semester 1.

Elective Track Strategic Consulting (only full track allowed)

  • Advanced strategic models, 3 credits  Theories, methodologies and tools of strategic consulting

  • Strategic consulting, 3 credits  Transferring methods and tools of executive consulting in the field of strategy and organisation management

  • Preparing for consulting jobs, 2 credits The skills and attitudes to be a consultant and develop in the job

  • Risk analysis, 2 credits Corporate strategy from a risk management perspective

Elective Track Sécurité Economique - INHESJ - Taught by l’Institut National des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité et de la Justice. (taught in French - only full track allowed)

  • ​Nouveaux risques et nouveaux défis, 2 credits

  • Sécurité économique, 3 credits

  • Web 3.0 - Internet: menaces ou atouts pour l'entreprise, 3 credits

  • Gestion de crise, 2 credits

  • Visite direction sureté groupe industriel français

  • Employability and Career II, 1 credit

TOTAL SEMESTER 2, 30 credits  ​

  • Dissertation, 30 credits 

TOTAL FULL YEAR: 90 credits

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Remarks : Please note that all informations on this page is only approximative informations, it may be changed at any moment according the policies of school. All official informations are communicated on the website of school or contact us for more details.

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